The Washington County Commissioners on Monday, the nineteenth of June, filed a Declaration of Emergency Disaster for the Solar Eclipse event that will be taking place in August. This declaration is to run from June 19th to August 31st. The declaration is in preparation for any emergency issues that may arise during the Eclipse event. This declaration will not pay ahead any costs, but if the county has a need during the event, then they can turn those costs into the state. Commissioner Kirk Chandler shared, “We are just doing the paperwork ahead of time. Just a precaution, so that we have things in place if things do happen.” 
    The estimated duration for the Eclipse in Weiser will be two minutes and five seconds and in Midvale will view the eclipse for around two minutes and seven seconds. The county foresees the bulk of visitors gathering between these two towns to get the most viewing time. This causes concern that emergency personnel would have difficulty traveling to an incident if one arises, “People that are coming want to be right at the center of the Eclipse. Any place that the line is going to cross a county or state road will be impassable. Coming into Weiser on the south side coming from the Boise valley could be chaotic and basically grid locked to a point that we can’t function.” The Commissioners have filed the declaration, so they can get any possible state assistance if conditions become more than what county agencies can manage. 
    The county is looking into a number of issues such as public safety, cost of extra labor, clean up, damages, and even the lack of sanitation facilities. With the estimate of 10,000 to 100,000 people that may be coming to the Washington County area it is difficult to assess every need or situation that may arise. As a reminder to the public, Commissioner Chandler states, “When we declare a disaster it only covers public infrastructure expenses. It does not cover individual, personal or private citizens with any of their losses. They will have to have insurances or other ways to pay for their losses.” The declaration has been sent over to the state and the county is waiting to see if the state will except it.