Our little walking group logged in another 2+ miles this morning.  2.24 miles to be exact.  It took us 43 minutes at 19.40 minutes per mile.  Good job ladies!!!!   I think we are all pretty much in agreement that we are going to have to start walking earlier as it still feels too warm at 9.  The plan is to walk at 9 AMthis week and in July start at 8 AM.  If you’re still planning on joining us, this week’s time is still 9, next week will be 8 AM.

Don’t worry, if you think that 2 miles is too much, you don’t have to walk that far.  You set your own pace and distance, we just provide the support and encouragement for you to continue.  You will be surprised how quickly your endurance and pace will pick up.  The main thing is to not give up before you even start.

I’m such a creature of habit, I was looking for my column in my paper at home and I couldn’t find it.  I thought, “Well, perhaps the address I sent the column to last week was incorrect”  and that’s why it wasn’t in the paper.  When I came into work this morning, I thought I had better check again.  I quickly perused through the newspaper and I still couldn’t find it.  I had just dialed the newspaper office and the phone rang twice, when I suddenly noticed that my column was on the second page instead of the 4th or 5th.  I quickly hung up; I hope they don’t have caller ID.  I guess it’s just best to keep a sense of humor about life’s little twists and turns. 

I tell you, my dear reader, these little tales just in case you are going through the same or similar events.  It’s really good to feel like I’m normal and how do I do that?  I listen to others tell of their experiences and I know that I’m not different, or special, it’s just part of life.

I have been at home since Thursday of last week.  I had my Step Daughter and Granddaughter from California came to visit.  It has been so good to see them.  Allison is now 9 years old and she is at that age when I enjoy them the most.  Not that I didn’t before, but I can relate to her better now.  It was always my shortcoming that I didn’t know how to relate to her at an earlier age.

Gosh, this column is turning into “true confessions”.  I think it’s time to move on to something you might be interested in hearing about.  This Wednesday, June 28th, Danielle, from Idaho Power will be here to give a presentation on saving energy during the summer months.  It should be an interesting and fruitful (think door prizes) afternoon.  Lunch starts at Noon and Danielle will give her presentation around 12:40.  Come and join us if you can.

I have the menu for July ready and If you aren’t on my email list, you can come in and pick one up to have at home.  When I switched computers, the program that I used to make my flyers and menu’s with no longer works.  I’m in the process of trying to learn how to use a Microsoft publishing program.  It is so different and I’m not sure I like it, but it’s what I have available at this point.

The next shopping trip to Ontario will be on Tuesday, July 11.  You will need to come in to sign up for the trip or give me a call here at 208-257-3358.  That’s all from me for this week.  Until next time, try to stay cool in this heat.



Friday, June 30th @5:30 PM:  Tomato soup, Grilled cheese sandwiches, garden salad, fruit and dessert.

Wednesday, July 5th @ Noon:  Fish & Chips, salad, rolls and cookies

Friday, July 7th @ 5:30 PM:  Spaghetti with meat sauce, garlic bread, salad, pears and dessert.