By Marsha Woods
It has always been a misconception that change is not a good thing. People are frightened when nothing stays the same and the alteration in their lives causes disruption in the course of their daily routine. This is so not the case in the transition that is taking place at Two Rivers Medical Center!
Tony Edminston, who has been the clinic’s business manager for as many years as anyone can remember, is retiring to a life of well deserved leisure and handing over his office to Michelle Tracy Johnson, who is gladly filling his chair, but not as sure about filling his shoes!
Friday, June 30th, Tony Edminston said good bye to a career that has encompassed him for a number of years; a career in which he is confident that he has perhaps, made an impact!  Not only has he witnessed change in the medical community, he has altered the way people think about the unity that is found within the works of a small town facility! Tony has made a difference in both areas, but he is now ready to enjoy the fruits of his efforts! Does he plan anything extravagant in his retirement?  Not really! He simply wants to relish the advantages of living in a small and close community!  He looks forward to waking in the early hours of the morning, pouring a cup of coffee, sitting on his porch and absorbing the blessings of quietude, serenity and the simple sounds of a town waking up! It is all in perspective!  As far as the rest of the day in concerned, he is just going to do whatever the “heck” he wants! He might travel a bit, he might work on his car collection; he will keep creating beauty in the landscape around his home.  He may do nothing at all for awhile, but the one thing he will never regret is the satisfaction of having left his desk to the capability of an amazingly competent woman! 
Sitting in her newly appointed office, Michelle Tracy Johnson does so with optimism and a sense of pride and confidence! Michelle came to Weiser in 2001 when her husband, Dr. Dennis Johnson, joined the ranks at the Weiser Veterinary Clinic. Raising two boys, and having a degree in accounting, she felt that she had a lot more to offer, therefore she contacted Tony at Two Rivers just to inquire about a possible job. Tony was receptive; therefore, Michelle joined the team as a receptionist, Part time in 2002. As time passed, she, like many, felt the need for greater challenge and left the clinic to become a Real Estate agent at a time when the market was not at its best.  It was not the job that became detriment; it was a restless feeling that became apparent within her that led her back to the phone. Once again, Tony was ready to accept her back into the realm!  He held the ladder; she was ready to climb!
Since 2009, Michelle Tracy Johnson has worn numerous hats at Two Rivers Medical!  She has revised the computer system, clerked, done bookkeeping; you name it! With each run on that ladder that she has climbed, she has done so with one motivation! Her incentive is the atmosphere in which she works! It is a small, but intimate group that makes up the clinic.  It is a family within a family! It is the partnership with her co-workers and the clients that is the reason for her driving force! If Michelle Tracy Johnson has a goal, it is austere! She just wants to sustain the straightforward individuality and uncomplicated atmosphere of the clinic! She simply desires to prolong the personality of it all!