Midvale Library  Librarian Heather Dixon still has a lot of Eclipse Glasses for folks to pick up. Donations will be accepted. Summer Reading is very successful and she encourages you kids to keep reading! The next story hour will be on July 6.
Note from Ronald Ader..." The family of Oliver "Don" Ader  would like to thank all of our Friends and neighbors who helped to make Don's Celebration of Life such a great success. Words cannot express our gratitude for all of the love that was given. He will be missed greatly."

From Bonnie Evans... "The Evans' house was once again full of life when Steve and Bonnie's four grandchildren, ages 8-13, came to spend a week with them.  Their parents, Ed and Jessica Evans, went on vacation to the Milwaukee/Chicago area for their 20th wedding anniversary.  Timing was great here, with eight more hands to help pick strawberries three evenings, although comments were heard regarding a labor camp.  But besides chores every day, the kids had plenty of time to play, swim, visit Grama-Great Evans and sing hymns with her and her friends one afternoon at Salubria Center, attend Rodeo Bible Camp, tie dye sheets, bake and listen to hours of 30-year-old cassette story tapes. William, 13, had a daily driving lesson with Grama and gave his Granddad and siblings a Sunday drive around the place.
"He and sister Eleanor, 12, also learned how to run the ride-around-mower. A drowned mouse was given a burial and funeral song, "His drinking did him in."  Tip for grandparents:  Buy some frozen Rhodes Bread Rolls and set the kids loose with them.  It's amazing to see the sculptures one can make with those things."

Karson and Shelly Craig chosen as Midvale July 4th Grand Marshalls 

Barbara Cook...    Much has happened since Barbara's husband Roger passed away. Her daughter and husband, Elizabeth and Frank Foster, arrived soon after Roger's passing and her son William Engel also came. Roger's son, Roger Cook, arrived Sunday from Washington, stayed overnight and "It was wonderful to see him." Barbara gave him his dad's keepsakes and tools. He drove down below on Monday to get his dad's ashes, which will be buried in West Virginia. Frank will return Wednesday and stay until the end of the week. She is so thankful that the kids have sorted through all the things that collect over the years and adds, "The house is looking really good."  She is also pleased that the Hospice nurse is still coming to visit. Barbara hasn't decided what she will do now , but will go where the Lord directs. She is thinking of staying here until fall at least. Please keep this dear lady in your prayers. 
The Wind Storm that blew through on Monday evening left a trail of tree limbs behind in Coburn Country, and indeed in yards across the valley. As we watched rain and branches slamming against our windows, I had thoughts of the Wicked Witch of the West flying through the sky on her broom! But I never did spot her. 

Midvale Library Story-Hour was held outdoors last Thursday and was attended by 17 youngsters. The theme was "Good Manners."  Story Lady Kathie Gladhart led the group in a game of "Mother May I," and read  "Do Unto Otters, Time to Say Please and Scary Mary."  Everyone feasted on egg salad and ham and cheese sandwiches, and watermelon. The next Story Hour will be on July 6.