From the moment you drive onto the stunning grounds of the historic hotel, you feel as if are being swept back in time. That feeling becomes more intense as you walk through the doors into the hotel where friendly staff, crystal light fixtures and beautiful antique furniture greet you. It was a very welcoming environment.  As we were checking in, we were greeted by a very pleasant young man, staff member, Alex. He stated he would help us with our luggage and give us a historical tour of the hotel. I noticed a sign just off the lobby, The Valentino Lounge. Alex then described how the lounge had been named after film star Rudolph Valentino. According to hotel staff, he made frequent trips to the hotel stating it was his "hideaway" from his hectic life as a celebrity. While visiting the hotel, his favorite area was the lounge, where he hosted many parties for his friends and other guests at the hotel that Mr. Valentino had befriended during his stays. As we entered the lounge, I noticed a baby grand piano in a corner to the left with a picture of Mr. Valentino hanging on the wall above the piano. You could almost hear the conversations and music from the many gatherings held in the lounge over the years.

It is true the hotel's walls are steeped in rich, opulent history, but overshadowing the historical aspect, looms a grey shadow of mystery as well. This beautiful hotel is also said to be haunted. Alex, our tour guide, shared with us numerous reports of paranormal activity from not only guests, but staff as well. Although the people who report the occurrences are startled, they never report feeling threatened or in danger in anyway. Alex describes the hotel's "permanent residents" as benign in nature, somewhat curious even playful at times. Even Alex has had his own experiences, which turned him into an open minded skeptic. Some of the many reports describe a very tall, distinguished gentleman in a top hat. Other reports involve hearing children throughout the building, especially in the attic area as well as the frequent sightings of an apparition of a woman. According to Alex, the third floor appears to be the most active area, which is where our room was. Upon conclusion of our tour with Alex, we went back to our room. As I left to room to pick up something up at the store down the street, my husband laid down to rest, weary from our trip. On numerous occasions, he heard someone trying to manipulate the door knob and lock. Upon checking, here was no one in the hallway or near our door. This also happened when I returned which I witnessed. Again, no one was in the hallway. We checked the locking mechanism and it appeared to be working properly. We could find no reason for our door acting the way it was. I did an EMF sweep in our room just to see if we would get any readings, but nothing showed up on our meter.

So we decided to rest for awhile. Later that evening after dinner,  we decided to do an EMF sweep of the third floor. We noticed an area of unease at the top of the stairs on the third floor, so we decided to try to debunk it. This area was not near any electrical sources and the confined energy we were picking up seemed to move, then dissipated at the locked gate leading upstairs to the attic. We continued to do a thorough EMF sweep of the hallway, but only found a high source of EMF near a fuse box, far away from the area near the stairs. Being tired from our trip, we went back to our room to rest. As we entered our room, we were greeted by a cold gust of air and our EMF meter reacting wildly as we walked into our room. Our AC was not on at this time and no windows were open. We proceeded with our EMF sweep, carefully going over the TV and other electronic sources in the room. The readings were very low until I approached the center of the bed. The meter continued lighting up in bursts. We checked under the bed for any high EMF sources, nothing was found. I decided to prop up the meter in the center of the bed and do an EVP session. The whole session lasted for 17 minutes as the meter seemed to react to questions we asked. Little by little, the responses dwindled down to nothing. Had we experienced a visit from one of the intelligent "permanent residents" of the hotel? We can't say for sure, but without a doubt , we feel that there are many residual energies that remain within the walls of this beautiful hotel. 
~Debbie - V.P.S. Founder~