Challenges of Living on a Small Acreage -Price Reduced for Everyone

register for the full 8 week Living on the Land course for the cost of $185 per pair. I only received one registration so I am changing the course to hopefully fit a wider audience. First, the courses will now be only 2 hours long and begin at 5:30 pm. They will still be held on Wednesday evenings at the Vendome. Next, you do not have to attend all of the courses. You can chooses which ones you are interested in and that fit your schedule. Finally, I’m decreasing the costs to $10 per person per class. This will not include a binder or samples, but will include materials for hands-on activities, hand-outs and printed resources.
First course will now be on January 21st and the registration deadline for all classes is January 20th. Please register early!
Here is the new course schedule-

Week 1 (1/21/15) : Wells and Septic Tanks
Learn how to implement practices that will protect your well and maintain your septic system. We will learn proper water sampling techniques and how to read a water test.
Week 2 (1/28/15): Soil Management
Learn how to manage soils to improve them.
Also learn how to take a soil sample, how often to test, and what test results mean.
We will also cover the basics of fertilization
Week 3 (2/11/15): Weed Management
You will be able to identify common noxious or nuisance weeds in our area, as well as understand their life cycles and appropriate methods of control.
Week 4 (2/18/15): Pest Management
Learn to identify common local pests and integrated pest management techniques. This will also include information on controlling gophers and voles.
Week 5 (2/25/15): Irrigation Management
Irrigation basics will be taught such as sources of irrigation water. Determine the best method and frequency of irrigation for your plants and soils.
Week 6 (3/4/15):Profit for Small Acreage
Learn methods for determining the suitability of different small acreage enterprises and discuss marketing methods.

Montessa Young
Extension Educator
University of Idaho, Washington County
485 E. Third
Weiser, ID 83672
Office: 208-414-0415

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