Letter Read To Washington County Commissioners By Michael J. Kaech (9/13/21)

September 13, 2021

Dear Washington County Commissioners

My name is Michael Kaech, I live in Midvale Idaho
As a concerned citizen of Washington County, I want to go on record to say
that our planning and zoning code does not seem to be coming to workable

In approximately 2 years of hearings, discussions, workshops and county
commissioner meetings, we have not seen a resolution or a remedy.
Last week we had a land use attorney, advise us via Zoom as an advisor on our
current issues with the present code. Presently the code puts us into a
vulnerable position as it is confusing, conflicting, and can be misinterpreted.
This leaves us open to litigation.

I would like an accounting of what Washington County has spent with Atty.
Chris Meyers firm. Also, I am interested to know his hourly rate. Where shall
I go to get the answer to this? I would like the total to include last weeks
meeting as it was a couple of hours long.

Also, I am wondering where these funds are coming from. Is it from the
prosecutor’s budget or the general fund?

Chairman Nate Marvin said that the commission will need to confer with Mr.
Meyers in an additional workshop, as we haven’t gotten any resolution as of the
end of the last meeting.

Last week Chairman Marvin stated that he is comfortable with Bonnie,
Administrator for P&Z, as the decision maker as to who will receive building
permits and who will not. I think that puts a lot of undo pressure and
responsibility on Bonnie’s department, when in fact the code is not clear and is
hard to work as it is now.

The code as Mr. Meyers stated needs to be clear in understanding and equal to
all applicants.

In closing, hundreds of Washington County citizens have weighed in through
written correspondence, emails, petition signing, (petitions had hundreds of
signatures) oral testimony, and attending meetings, only to be ignored. Even
legal counsel is being ignored. This really needs to be resolved.

Bottom line: My observation:….There is more Obstruction than Resolution
Please enter this into Washington County Record.
Thank you

Michael J. Kaech

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