Preparing Your Home For Freezing Temperatures

We are expecting temperatures to drop well below freezing for the next few weeks so here are a few tips to help you avoid interruption of service as well as costly plumbing repairs.

• Allow water to run at a trickle while freezing weather persists.

• Open cabinet doors in the kitchen and bath to allow warm air to reach pipes.

• Close crawl space vents and doors to keep the cold out.

• Disconnect and drain yard hydrants and garden hose connections. This will help prevent broken as well as frozen pipes.

• Repair broken windows and seal cracks around doors and windows.


• Wrap water lines with heat tape and insulation found at the hardware store and leave connected until warm weather in the spring returns.


• Check your heating system or furnace to make sure it is operating properly.

• If you are travelling, make sure you leave the heat at a level to prevent freezing or damage to your property.

• If you plan to turn off your heating system, make sure you plumbing has been drained and properly winterized.

Freezing weather can stretch department resources, and although we will make every attempt to get to you as fast as possible, there can be considerable wait times. Help us protect you and your property by taking the proper steps to prepare for cold weather.

Thank you

Weiser City Water Department

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