Letter To The Editor – David Smith

March 13, 2022
Our Prosecuting Attorney demonstrates he is ‘factually challenged’

There was a Commissioner’s hearing on Monday, March 7 th to review Joe Kulp’s appeal for three building permits on 20 acre parcels about 10 miles southeast of Midvale. Living in the News recorded the hearing and you can find it there, or you can get a Zoom link from the County Clerk. The hearing starts at 4:39:45. ‘Chairman Nate’ reportedly zoomed in from Jackpot NV, and Commissioner Haines was MIA. Kirk Chandler was the only commissioner attending in-person.

Twelve people testified in favor of granting the permits. A gentleman & his son from Eagle were the only ones to testify against granting the permits. It seems they just bought a 20 acre parcel next door, and would prefer to not have neighbors nearby.

Things got strange after all concerned citizens testified. Just as Nate was about to close the hearing our county attorney, Delton Walker, chipped in (via phone) and talked for 35 minutes. His “one comment” began 4:39:20. This is where you really should start listening carefully.

It was obvious his objective was to develop excuses for the commissioners approving Lancaster’s 6 20 acre parcels and then turning around refusing Mr. Kulp’s 3.

At 4:39 our prosecutor says the Lancaster spits “were close to the impact zone.”
Really? Does a mile or two from the impact zone count? How come other land
owners just as close have been denied?

At 4:41 Delton begins constructing an elaborate straw man argument about “where this will lead.” He says this might lead to ‘one of our commissioners splitting 1600 acres into 80 homes on 20 acre parcels. He was obviously taking a swipe at Kirk Chandler since he is the only commissioner who farms, but fact check: Kirk does not own 1600 acres. So this was just a cheap shot.

At4:43 Delton begins embarrassing himself by demonstrating his inability to perform math in public.

At 4:45 he starts ducking and weaving when Kirk Chandler challenges Delton’s advice at the Lancaster hearing.

At 4:46 Delton claims we don’t have any road regulations. Wrong! Then he back tracts and says he is concerned about private roads… Kirk shoots him down, again.

At 4:48 Chairman Nate chimes in and contributes about the county needing to be concerned about power, water and sewer expenses. News flash Nate: the individual home builder pays for his power, well and septic, not the county.

At 4:50 Delton expresses his concern that we could end up with “hundreds of thousands” of homes on 20 acre parcels, extending his straw man argument to absurdity.

That’s the first 20 minutes of Delton’s “just one comment.”

The citizens who took the time to actually show up for the hearing were not allowed to challenge any of Delton’s claims. You really need to hear this for yourself.

David Smith
Midvale, Idaho

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