Property Taxes 101-Kirk Chandler-Letter to The Editor

By Kirk Chandler

The last couple of years there has been a lot citizens concerned about the rising
cost of taxes. We have contacted our legislators about cutting our property taxes.
The budgeting process is starting in the county, city and districts.
The Idaho Republican Platform, Sec. 2 A. states: “We support lower federal, state
and local taxes. High taxes are a burden on businesses, families, and individuals.”
We need to understand who taxes us, and how they tax us. The federal
government uses income taxes as their major source of revenue, corporate tax
also. That is just a couple of the many ways the federal government taxes us.
The State uses income tax and sales tax. That is their major source of revenue.
The county is the one I would like to focus on. We all feel that our property tax is
too high. The districts, cities and county are the only ones that can tax our
property. Many times, I have heard that county taxes are too high. I would like to
delve into this a little deeper.
I would like to use the Weiser area and a property worth $100,000.00 as an
example. The numbers I am using come from the 2022 tax levy card I acquired
from the clerk’s office and are available to anyone interested. I will use numbers
that are rounded. These are the amounts taxed on $100,000.00 of assessed
County $394 per $100,000. Road and bridge $60. Special bridge $18
These are what the county charges.
City of Weiser $590.
Weiser School District $81
Weiser rural fire $77.
Hill Crest Cemetery $19
Washington County Rodent District, not Weiser residents $7.
Weiser Ambulance $31.
Weiser Valley Hospital District $67.

Flood control district $4.
The total of these amounts makes up your property tax that you pay to the
county. The county collects all property tax and then disperses it to the cities and
As you can see, we pay taxes to many different places, and they are all property
taxes based on how much your property is worth or rather accessed at. The retail
value of your property is different than the accessed value. The way you can tell
what you pay is on the assessment notice that you receive from the assessor. It
also has the dates for their budget hearings. Everyone is invited to the hearings.
So, what can I do to lower my taxes? It has been said in meetings that I attend
that it doesn’t do any good to go to budget meetings and hearings because they
don’t listen to the people.
Every one of the districts, county and city has a budgeting process. We as citizens
must get involved. How many of you have ever attended a budget hearing? If one
person attends, it will more than likely not make a difference. When 20 or 50 or
200 attend it will make a difference. Don’t just complain about the amount of
your taxes. You need to attend the hearings prepared to present what you would
like to see reduced and the reason why. Give solutions and good reasons why you
would like to see them cut taxes.
The important thing is to get involved. “If you do not go after what you want, you
will never have it.” (Lower taxes) “If you do not ask, the answer will always be
no.” (Not getting involved) “If you do not step forward, you will always remain in
the same place” Get involved, Make a difference.

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