Three Previous Idaho Attorney General Back AG Lawrence Walden For Re-Election

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Citing experience, prosecutorial background and integrity – Wasden is the clear choice for Attorney General
BOISE, IDAHO – Three respected previous Attorneys General are coming together to back current AG Lawrence Wasden. Jim JonesDavid Leroy and Tony Park all agree now is not the time to be bringing in a rookie with no law enforcement experience to the top spot in Idaho.

All three men say Lawrence Wasden’s background as a prosectuor and his strict adherence to the Constitution are what set him apart in the May 17 GOP primary. Below are thoughts from these three previous AG’s and links to their testimonial videos.
Jim Jones:

“Lawrence Wasden is courageous, he fights for the Constitution. Lawrence Wasden believes in you, he fights for the people. He’s been one of the best Attorneys General this state has ever had.”

“Lawrence Wasden does not go for cheap political points, he stands up for the Constitution. Demagogues have vilified Lawrence because he’s wiling to abide by the rule of law.”

David Leroy:

“In these troubled times experience counts and especially in an office that needs constancy and regularity. The answer is the answer, not politics, it’s the law. He’s the people’s lawyer. If you have not done this office and over a great period of time, to represent the state of Idaho and its agencies properly, it is almost an impossible task. That’s why we need an experienced Attorney General once again.”

“The criminal justice function of Idaho is vital to fairness, equity and equal application of the law and the prosecutor who’s been Attorney General and an Attorney General who’s been a prosecutor is key to making the system work.”

Tony Park:

“Lawrence Wasden has fulfilled the duties of Attorney General to the highest levels of rectitude and goodwill. He has established a reputation for fairness and equity and being there for the people of the state regardless of their politics.”
“Lawrence Wasden brings to the office the qualities that are always needed and deserved. He deserves to be re-elected, especially in these trying times.”

These three Attorneys General join Governor Butch Otter, the National Rifle Association, the political arm of the Idaho Association of Commerce and Industry, and Wasden’s nearly 500 donors to support Lawrence Wasden for re-election.

Attorney General Wasden’s consistent conservative record of public safety is at the heart of his duty. He is a strong supporter of Constitutional rights and the rule of law including:Working to stop the flow of illegal immigrants and drugs crossing our borderProtecting our kids from predators while enforcing stiff sentences for offendersProtecting the rights of gun ownersProtecting seniors and all Idahoans from scams and con-artistsVigorously defending Idaho’s Heartbeat LawStanding up for law enforcement
About Attorney General Lawrence Wasden: Lawrence Wasden is a native Idahoan who has protected Idaho in the AG’s office since 1989 and was first elected Attorney General in 2002. Wasden is the longest serving Attorney General in Idaho’s history. Lawrence and his wife Tracey were married in 1980 and live in Nampa, Idaho. They are proud parents of four children and 13 grandchildren.
Major Idaho Newspapers Join Growing List ofConservative & Law Enforcement LeadersEndorsing Wasden for Attorney General
Idaho Press says Wasden “has repeatedly shown that he understands both the state constitution and office’s role.”Friend,We’re witnessing right now EXACTLY why it is SO dangerous to elect someone who sees the Constitution as a series of “loopholes” and public office as a stepping stone to unfulfilled ambitions…That’s why TWO major Idaho newspapers just endorsed me in the May 17 Republican Primary. The editorial boards at the Idaho Press and Idaho Mountain Express both agree that “Wasden is the top choice” in Tuesday’s primary.They join a growing list of Conservative and Law Enforcement Leaders backing me because our Constitutions and the Rule of Law are under attack.These leaders include the National Rifle Association, current Gov. Brad Little and former Governors Phil Batt, Dirk Kempthorne and Butch Otter, and my predecessors previous Attorneys General Jim JonesDavid Leroy and Tony Park.
From the Idaho Press:
“The editorial board enthusiastically supports Lawrence Wasden’s bid for reelection as Idaho’s top lawyer. Wasden has repeatedly shown that he understands both the state constitution and office’s role, which is to provide sound legal advice even if it’s not what lawmakers want to hear. Some of his decisions took political courage, but he still did what was right under the law.”
The Idaho Express is concerned about unproven candidates looking for political stepping stones. While endorsing Wasden, the editorial board says now is the time to “look for solidly grounded candidates to face off in November’s general election.”Considering other choices, the Idaho Press cautions primary voters that they have ulterior motives:
“(Wasden’s} opponents Raul Labrador and Art Macomber have shown themselves to have little understanding or perhaps little care for the role of attorney general, and instead seek to use it to advance a political agenda.”
The Constitution isn’t an a la carte menu where politicians can pick and choose what freedoms they think America’s citizens can exercise. We need leaders who will fight for ALL of your freedoms. I am committed to protecting ALL of our Constitutional rights and the Rule of Law as Attorney General, but I need your help to win re-election with your donation today.
Sincerely,Lawrence WasdenIdaho’s Attorney GeneralP.S. You can see our ad here that sets the record straight on Labrador’s lies.

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