Weiser School Board Is Accepting Patron Feedback On A Reopening Plan

Dear Patrons,
The 2021-22 school year is just around the corner and we are currently finalizing plans for an exciting new adventure.

The Board of Trustees for the Weiser School District is seeking stakeholder input into the development of this year’s District reopening plan.

An initial draft copy of this year’s District plan, dated 7/21/21 and titled WSD COVID 19 Response Plan 2021-22 can be found on the District website at

Trustees will consider any feedback and approve a District Plan in the coming days.
Stakeholder feedback may be provided by completing a short google survey using the following url:

A link to the survey can also be found on the District website.

Feedback may also be submitted in writing to the Board of Trustees and delivered to the Weiser School District Office located at 925 Pioneer Road.

Feedback on the initial plan must be received by 5 pm on Wednesday, July 28th.

Thank you in advance for you input.
Wade Wilson, Superintendent

Weiser School District
COVID-19 Response Plan 2021-22
Updated 7/21/21 – Released for Public Input
Mission: High Achievement / Responsible Citizenship
Vision: To be the Highest Achieving Rural School District in Idaho

This plan was developed by the Weiser School District and considered input from staff, parents, students, patrons, and other essential stakeholders and is intended to provide operational guidance for the Weiser School District during the COVID-19 pandemic crisis. Providing a safe return to in-person learning for students, staff, and visitors and keeping our schools fully open for in-person learning during the 2021-22 school year is our priority. This Plan is intended to provide a structural framework for district and school operations and is not an exhaustive plan of operation. The Plan is subject to change as COVID-19 conditions that have a potential impact on the District evolve.

To provide a safe, engaging, and highly effective in-person educational experience and environment for all students, staff, and visitors.

Agreements and Understandings:
 Full-time in-person student learning is our goal for the year for all students.
 The WSD has an obligation to provide a safe, reliable, and effective educational experience for all students.
 The WSD organizational model is designed to provide in-person education to students.
 The WSD will not offer an online school in 2021-22. However, if conditions change the District could be forced to return to implementing full or partial online instructional practices.
 In alliance with this District Plan, each school may draft an additional site plan that more specifically addresses the school’s unique setting and circumstances.
 Specific to this WSD COVID-19 Response Plan 2021-22, the Board of Trustees will consider implementing the guidelines issued by local, State, and national health officials and organizations in the continued development of this Plan.
 At any time the Board of Trustees or the Superintendent of Schools may increase COVID-19 mitigation protocols or programming for the District as a whole or for individual schools based on local or individual school conditions.


 COVID-19 and its variants continue to have an influence on District operations.
 Given there are inherent risks of exposure to COVID-19 to those attending public schools, the intent of this plan is to reduce, not eliminate, the risk of exposure during school operations and activities.
 To the extent reasonable, the District will establish precautions in an effort to continue to offer students a traditional learning environment.
 Each of us have a responsibility to do our part to help minimize the risk of COVID 19 transmission. Although sometimes inconvenient or uncomfortable, it is our civic responsibility to demonstrate respect for the welfare of others and to take personal responsibility for maintaining safe conditions for everyone in our school community.

Students, staff, parents, and visitors must monitor their own health conditions and do their part to adhere to local, State, and national guidelines when applicable in order to reduce the possibility of the transmission of COVID-19 to others.

  1. Individuals should stay home if they are ill or:
    a. If they show symptoms associated with COVID-19, including:
     Having an oral temperature of 100.4 F or greater
     Have a cough or experience shortness of breath
     Experience cold like symptoms, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, headache, or muscle or body aches or fatigue
     Experience a recent loss of smell or taste
    b. Have not been fully vaccinated for (or have immunity) for COVID-19 and have had close contact with someone who is either
    1) showing symptoms associated with COVID-19, 2) who is being investigated for COVID-19, or 3) who has been diagnosed with COVID-19 in the last 14 days
    c. Notify the school of any current COVID-19 testing, positive results, or exposure to someone confirmed to have COVID-19
  2. Everyone must demonstrate appropriate hygiene practices such as:
    a. Wash their hands frequently and avoid touching their eyes, nose, and mouth
    b. Appropriately cover mouth when coughing or sneezing
  3. Students will be provided guidance on the proper wearing of masks, proper handwashing techniques, and proper personal hygiene.
  4. Appropriate health and hygiene guidance posters will be posted in key locations within school facilities.
  5. Masks are strongly encouraged for all students, staff, and visitors who have not been fully vaccinated (or who have immunity) for COVID-19, and optional for all others.
  6. Frequent handwashing opportunities will be provided.
  7. Hand sanitizer will be available in multiple locations throughout district facilities and at school events.
  8. Frequent sanitizing of high use surfaces will continue.
  9. Physical distancing will be encouraged when activities and/or circumstances make it appropriate.
  10. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE such as masks, gloves, face shields, and sneeze guard barriers) will be available at each building.
  11. The WSD will continue to take measures to improve air quality and circulation within buildings around the District.
  1. The WSD will assist local health care providers by posting information as to how to obtain a COVID-19 vaccination, as well as screening or testing opportunities. Confirmed or suspected case of COVID-19 in a school (Procedure):
     Individual will be isolated and parent contacted in order to have the child picked up from school
     Administration and/or District Nurse may perform an initial level of school related contact tracing
     Southwest District Health Department (SWDHD) will be notified of the case and related circumstances, if appropriate, and school officials will cooperate with SWDHD contact tracing efforts, if appropriate and allowable
     Staff and families who may be impacted will be notified and/or pertinent information will be released by the school
     Additional steps (such as but not limited to encouraging or requiring physical distancing, increased or immediate sanitizing of spaces, or implementing the use of cohorts in the areas of impact around the school) may be implemented
     COVID-19 positive persons and their close or direct contacts should follow local, State, national, and/or their own health care provider guidance as it pertains to quarantine or isolation expectations and practices COVID-19 Related Student Absences:
    Students and/or parents should notify the school immediately and provide appropriate documentation or evidence of any COVID-19 related student absences.
     Parents should immediately request homework for the time their child will be quarantined at home.
     A district device and/or hotspot will be made available, at the request of a student or parent, to any student who is in quarantine or isolation at home as a result of a COVID-19 related condition, and who needs a device in order to access their schoolwork while at home.
     Attendance policies will be considered on an individual basis by administration and will be relaxed for students who are absent from school due to verified COVID-19 related conditions. (Parents must provide documentation and/or evidence that specifically verifies COVID-19 related absences.)
    Unfinished Student Learning:
     ESSER and/or other District funds will be used to address the learning or unfinished learning needs of students, including students with disabilities. Funds will be used to:
    o Provide after school learning opportunities and additional support for students who are performing below their peers or below proficiency in grades K-12
    o Provide additional support for students during the school day
    o Provide extended summer learning opportunities for students in grades K-12
    o Provide correspondence courses or other credit recovery opportunities for students who are behind in credits or who are not on track to graduate on time
    o Purchase additional curriculum, materials, equipment, or other resources necessary to address unfinished student learning o To help address the individual health and safety needs of students with disabilities

Addressing Social/Emotional Needs:
 ESSER or other District funds will be used to support the social/emotional needs of individual students.
 Counselors will be available at each school to support the social/emotional needs of students and staff.
 The WSD will continue to partner with Valley Family Health Services (or seek a partnership with another similar agency) in order to continue to provide on-site counseling services to students.
 ESSER or other District funds will be used to provide Employee Assistance Program (EAP) benefits to employees who receive District provided benefits.
 The District will post flyers that contain resources that are available to assist students and staff in meeting their mental health needs. Food Services:
 WSD Food Services will operate in accordance with current NSLP guidelines or regulations and within the limitations of any waivers that have been approved for the WSD by the USDA. Waivers approved for the WSD by the USDA may include flexibility with respect to:
o How meals are served – (including serving times, whether meals are served on trays or in sacks, self-serve options etc.)
o Where meals may be served – (in a cafeteria or alternate location such as a community line)
o Where meals may be eaten – (cafeteria or alternate locations)
o Who may receive school meals – (enrolled students only or expanded age ranges)
o The cost of meals to students – (free to all students or only for those who qualify)
o Other flexibilities identified in any individual waiver approved by the USDA for the WSD
 Students and other adults may be allowed to assist kitchen staff with food preparation and/or distribution, in accordance with any federal or locally developed policies or procedures.
 Hand sanitizer will be made available at student keypads, if student keypads are used.
 Buses and bus surfaces will be disinfected frequently.
 The use of assigned seating or cohort seating will be maintained as appropriate based on individual bus ridership.
 Hand sanitizer will be made available on each bus.
Extra-curricular Activities and Other School Events:
 Extra-curricular activities will operate within the guidelines set in this Plan, set by the IHSAA or Snake River Valley Conference, or in accordance with any guidelines established by any other applicable activity governing entity.

Timeline for Review of the WSD COVID-19 Response Plan 2021-22:
 The Board of Trustees will consider changes and updates to this Plan during each monthly meeting.
 Stakeholder feedback will be accepted by the Board at any time.
 A formal review of this Plan will occur before the end of January and before the end of July of the Plan year.
Additional Resources
 CDC Website
 SWDHD Website on COVID-19
 SWDHD Illness Decision Tree for Schools
 CDC Guidance on When to Quarantine

 CDC Options to Reduce Quarantine
 SWDHD Isolation and Quarantine Guidance
 SWDHD FAQ about COVID-19
 SWDHD Facts About COVID-19 Vaccines
 SWDHD COVID-19 Testing and Vaccine Resources
 Crush The Curve – Find a Vaccine Location
 CDC – COVID-19 Information
 Department of Health and Welfare – COVID-19 Information
 Allergies, Cold, Flu, COVID-19 Comparison Chart

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