Sloane Weldon Tournament Emphasizing How Much of an Opportunity Life Really is

Jennifer & Bernie Weldon

Friday, May 26th the 12th Annual Sloane Weldon Memorial Tennis Tournament was held at the tennis courts at Memorial Park in Weiser, Idaho. This year’s tournament was a success and the Weldon family thanks all who participated. Bernie Weldon stated, “It was a blast, and we were very fortunate again that the weather cooperated.”

This year the Weldon family decided the tournament needed a new name, Weldon shared, “The reason we put “SW Opportunity Tournament” on the visors was because we decided to rename the scholarship from “memorial” to “opportunity” to emphasize to the high school recipients how much of an opportunity life really is!”

The following is a list of this year’s scholarship recipients who received a $500 scholarship from the Sloane Weldon Opportunity Scholarship fund: Brady Reed, Brooklyn Jensen, Kasey Kautz, Macy Maloney, Shayla Kelly.

2023 winners are as follows:

Each Division has 2-3 Groups with 5-6 doubles teams that will play all of the teams in their group (then the winners of each group have an optional match with each other if they want and if they have enough time).

High School (Fri night):

Group A – Duage McClellan & Eli Woods (Weiser)

Group B – Edgar Bernabe & Koda Alvarez (Ontario)

Group C – Kennedy Phillips & Aiden Huthala (Fruitland)

Grand Champ – Edgar & Koda

JFF Just-For-Fun (Sat morning):

Group A – Matt & Elsa Cunningham (Baker City)

Group B – Dave & Luke Cazier (Meridian)

Group C – Brayden Nordgren & Thayne Blanchard (Weiser)

Grand Champ – Dave & Luke Cazier

Middle School (Sat afternoon):

Group A – Ethan Price & Ryker Enders (Weiser)

Group B – Treyson Tubbs & Joel Philpot (Fruitland)

Grand Champ – Ethan & Ryker

One player of the doubles partners must be 18+ years old:

Open- Women’s (Mon morning):

1st- Grace Soulen & Bentley Weldon (Weiser)

2nd- Jacqlyn Albert & Bel Cunningham (Milton-Freewater)

Open- Mixed (Mon midday):

Group A – Lindsey & Dave Cazier (Meridian)

Group B – Denika & Dauge McClellan (Weiser)

Open: Men’s (Mon afternoon): 

Group A – Kent Noethe & Derek Gochnour (Boise)

Group B – Danny Cunningham & Jack Hally (Baker City)

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