Mother Daughter Duo Named Grand Marshals of the National Old-Time Fiddle Parade for 2022

Shizuko Nakamura and daughter Sally Bouvia have been chosen by the National Old-Time Fiddle Parade Committee as the multi-generational Grand Marshals for 2022!

Sally Bouvia and her two siblings grew up on the Weiser flat with their parents who were hardworking farmers.  Shizuko Nakamura worked for many years as a secretary for Pioneer Elementary School where she retired and then continued to help on the farm.  After Bouvia graduated from Weiser High School in 1984, she attended the University of Idaho and married her husband Kevin in 1989.  After moving away for a few years and living in various places, Weiser kept calling her home.  Now with three children of her own, Bouvia is proud to be a Weiserite who has lived and grown with her multi-generational family in small town Idaho.

When asked what it means to her to be named Grand Marshal with her mom, Bouvia shared, “I’m just so excited for my mom.  She is 90 and has done so much for people.”  She explained that their family “flies under the radar” when it comes to volunteering in the community, meaning that their focus has been on indirect service and working more behind the scenes in many different things. The mother-daughter duo often applied their energy to helping in the Weiser School District, sports, and specifically soccer season.  Bouvia is currently a volunteer with Weiser Memorial Hospital as a board trustee.  Her favorite way to be involved, and her mother would agree, is volunteering organically by helping wherever they are needed.  Having a general passion for helping friends, neighbors, and community members is the most rewarding aspect that they have experienced. 

Bouvia shared that her parents really instilled in their children the importance of being grateful, no matter your situation or circumstances.  Showing appreciation and returning kindnesses in the community has been highly valued in their family and it has made a great impact in the Weiser community.  “I remember delivering fresh eggs or dropping off corn,” Bouvia shared, as a way to share gratitude and abundance with friends and neighbors. 

Something that Bouvia pointed out about the people in Weiser is that there are a lot of amazing mother-daughter duos that work together to give back in many ways.  Mabel Dobbs and Zane Davis, The Wootton’s, The Lukehart’s, and so many more that deserve a mention.  Weiser is truly blessed to have so many loving and caring individuals like these folks, who give selflessly.  Sally Bouvia and Shizuko Nakamura are both humble people who genuinely love to give back.

A recent photo announcement on Living in the News .Com on Facebook resulted in a flood of positive and encouraging comments.  Here’s what some of them had to say:

“Couldn’t have picked two more deserving people!” Leslie Stephens

“Awesome choice!  Two beautiful, smart, and kind women!” Karen Mahoney

“This is a perfect choice!  Sally is always ready to help and Shiz has been there for so many people!”  Kelly Haun

Last but not least, Bouvia wishes to mention the organization that she works for which is a not-for-profit called NCCE, Northwest Council for Computer Education.  “Honestly, my boss is so generous in allowing all the employees to volunteer and participate in community service.  It’s a huge benefit and blessing to have the time off to get involved,” she concluded.

Be sure to join in the community celebration during the National Old-Time Fiddle Parade on June 25th at 12pm (noon) to wave and cheer for the Grand Marshal’s! 

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